Friday, August 10, 2007

Nice Matters Award

I've been so kindly nominate for the Nice Matters Award by Susan and Carole Ann. Thank you ladies that is so sweet and means so much. I need to pass on the award so first I'd like to pass it to

Carolyn Cibik of Evening Star Designs Carolyn, you have been a wealth of information, support an encouragement since we first met!

Then I need to pass it on to 7 deserving ladies. Now that is the toughest thing I've ever had to do. Here goes:

Back at ya Susan
For always being there with support and advice on everything:)

Thelma who's been so incredibly supportive and helpful since we met!

Pat Winters who is one of the kindest most generous people I've ever met. Who always goes above and beyond.

Lil Who has always give me such strong support and guidance.

who has always been a fountain of strength and support for me.

Camille who when I first started encouraged me tremendously to branch out with something new like her Husif. Which I finally did:)

Melissa who has been my mentor when it comes to blogging!:) Also has been one of my strong supports in my ventures into Crazy Quilting.

#7 has to be every single person I've met since I started Crazy Qulting. Never have I ever met soooo many incredible and giving ladies. Thank you all!


Susan said...

Oh my, Candi, I missed this when I was blogging earlier! Thank you so much! What a nice thing for you to do. Friendships are golden. =)

Melissa said...

Oh Candi you are SO sweet! Thank you! Hugs! I won't be able to pass it on since I'm still not in my own home yet and haven't been able to blog yet! I've gotten a few projects done but I'm not sure when I'll get to blog them hopefully soon.
By the way I would SO nominate you too! LOL

laplandyellow said...

ohhhhhhhh, what a dolly!!!