Sunday, November 28, 2010


I'm going to be sewing with a friend today and we have to post where we've started at and in between as we finish our projects.
This is where I am
at this point.  I need to stitch the final two pieces together to make the block.  Then will come the rows for the quilt. 

Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Pink Saturday

Well, I'm not posting pink or holiday just yet.  I have this quilt I'm working on for my grandson that I'd like to show you.  It's the Disappearing 9 Patch and very easy, just time consuming.   You sew the first 9 squares together like so:

Then you cut these into quarters
then the quarters are turned to make a new pattern and sewn together like so:

It's really a fun one and you can do so much with it.  Using multiple fabrics, using only three colors, childrens fabrics are adorable.    This is taking my time right now as it's for my grandson for Christmas and I have to have it done in time.  I also have one that I've made for my granddaughter and her's needs quilting, so I'll be busy until they're done.    Hope every has a wonderful Pink Saturday and be sure to stop by Beverly's to visit all the other bloggers at How Sweet The Sound .  There are some absolutely wonderful blogs, be sure and swing by. 

Have a safe week end all and hope you had had a great Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Won Blushing Rose Blog's Giveaway Whooo hoooo

A few weeks ago I entered my friend Marydon's giveaway at Blushing Rose  blog. (She owns and runs Blushing Rose Boutique)   No one was as surprised as I was that I won!!!   I've started collecting different tea pots and that was one of the prizes.  Take a look at how cute this is:)
Is this not the cutest teapot you've seen?    I love it!

I also won some placemats that look absolutely adorable on my kitchen table.  Look at this.

And last but not least the prettiest Crazy Quilted heart, that I intend to hang on the front door (on the inside) so everyone can see it.  It's just lovely!!!  I feel so blessed.  Thank you so much Marydon for everything, I'm at a loss for words.

Isn't that just beautimus!!!   I love it.!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

My Granddaughter Samantha's Soccer Picture

This is Samantha, my 16 year old granddaughter who loves to play soccer.  Unfortunately early in the season she injured her knee and it's been giving her problems ever since.  Hopefully after Soccer is over it will get enough rest to heal.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Beautiful Anniversary Present

These are pictures of the pumpkin my Granddaughter made us as an anniversary gift.  She made it in her art class at school.  Her work is truly gorgeous. Some of her pieces I'd love to have, but they belong to my ddaughter. lol   I wanted to share these with you.  You can see the curly cue's on the bback of the lid.
I love the stem!
On the leaf she etched Happy Anniversay Grandma and Grandpa which makes it even more special.

Happy Pink Saturday everyone and thank you Beverly, at How Sweet The Sound for doing this for us.

Friday, November 05, 2010

My Fall Quilt went to the Silent Auction

I was making a Falll Quilt and then I was asked to make one for the Silent Auction at church tonight.  Well, that was only about two or so weeks ago and I had no idea it was that soon.   So in order to get it done I had to  finish up one that I had started.  I hove a beautiful antiquey reds Disappearing 9 Patch that I wanted to use but do you think I could find where I put it?  NOT  So in order to keep the deadline I used the quilt I was making for myself.  My fall quilt.  It came out real pretty, in the picture the stripping in between the blocks looks black but it's actually a dark brown.
we took the pictures in a terrible hurry because my husband was going to take it over to the church for me.  So it's nota real good picture.

Be sure and go by Beverly's How Sweet The Sound and all the other wonderful  blogs. Thank you Beverly for doing this for all of us:)   Oh yes, time changes tonight so don't forget.  Have a great week end and Happy Pink Saturday!