Saturday, March 27, 2010

Happy Yellow Pink Saturday! :)

Be sure you head over to Beverly's blog How Sweet The Sound and see all those participating in Yellow Pink Saturday:)  Today it's something yellow and I have a few items to share. 

This little fella my mother painted back in 1978, when I had my ceramic business.  He's such a cutie.
This one I did at approximately the same time.   It's a combination of glazes, gold, ceramacoats and glitter:)

There are some closeups I have of the village but for some reason my computer is just not cooperating today.  Nothing new, seems to be only when I WANT it to work. lol  Hope everyone has a wonderful Pink Saturday!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Decorating My Tin Shack is also having a GiveAway!

Gail, over at Decorating My Tin Shack is also having a giveaway of two Rose Soaps she made...Her products are awesome.  Go check out her blog she has so much information!!!  Love ya Gail

Suzie Button's Creations Bunny Cake Giveaway!

If you want to see some pretties head on over to Suzie Button's Creations and check out her giveaway as well as her blog.  Her blog is GREAT! 

The Chronicles of Dolly Daydream is having a Giveaway!

                                                                 Happy Easter
Kitty M. over at  The Chronicles of Dollie Daydream is having an awesome giveaway for Pink Saturday! Go over and check it out and I know you're going to love her blog!  It's so interesting and fun!  By the way
thank you to Beverly at How Sweet The Sound for hosting  Pink Saturday!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Lovely Sachet Heart and Pin Cushion

Pink Saturday sure brings out the best in me.  I get to look for things that I love that are my favorite color:)  Pink:)  Here's a lovely Sachet Heart and a Pin Cushion I just recently acquired.  I have them on a table in my living room just as you see them here.  I love them!

Happy Pink Saturday all, I'm on my way out the door for a while:)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tops Are Done! Yaaay

I finally got the quilt tops done for my dear friends son's girlfriends two daughters. lol  I also got the two done for my daughters fiance's two daughters.  Two are for Easter gifts and the other two will be given to them at a baby shower to be held at the end of next month.  There are two of the top one, that's the top and the fabrics in the top.  There are also two of the second one and that's the top and the fabric's in the top.  The bottom one is a wonky one for the young girl who is 12.  I don't think she would have appreciated the kiddy fabric.   I've also got two more going that are large baby quilts.  These were quick one's to do because I don't have a lot of time to get them done in.  I hope to start quilting them tomorrow or by the week end at the latest.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Comfort Quilts

Some of you know that I've been working on 4 comfort quilts in spring colors for 4 adorble young girls.  Two of the girls belong to the fiance' of my friend Jeanette's son Craig, and the other two belong to Carl, my daughter's fiance'.  The first one I wiped through no problems, then the second one has had one issue after another.  The latest one that I quilted the back fabric on inside out!!  Can't believe I did that, but I did. lol So I finally got it all taken apart last night, have the top in the dryer on fluff dry (after wetting it thoroughly) trying to get the stitching holes out of the fabric. What is so funny about it is, this is only a simple rail fence pattern, one that you can do in an afternoon.  However, this one top has given me fits! lol   I'm at the point now though that I can quilt the remaining three.  The two for Carls girls, I'll need for Easter the other two not until the last week in April when we go to the Bay Area for the baby shower.  I'll post pic's when it's all done.   Then I can get on with the other one's I have to do.

New Trays I Bought from Lynn

I just bought these 6 small Daher metal trays, they're about 6X8 inches in a light pink, beige brown background colors.  They're just lovely.   I bought them from Lynn at and I just love them.  Go visit her store, she has some very unique and lovely items.  These are my post for Pink Saturday. I plan on using them at Easter to put truffles out to share.  In the mean time they'll go in my hutch.  Thank you Lynn for carryng such lovely items.  Oh yes, I also purchased a white feathered ink pen for my great niece for her wedding.  I decorated her ring pillow, my sister did the guest book and this is the finishing touch!