Friday, June 18, 2010

Welcome To Where Bloggers Create Blog Party

Welcome to Where Bloggers Create for a wonderful Blog Party!!  There will be a LOT of  fabulous sites to visit and share pictures of their sewing areas.   I'm also connecting to Beverly's Pink Saturday at 
How Sweet the Sound and be sure to drop by there to see all the wonderful Blogs:)   Have a great time!

Fabric and Supply Storage 

This is my fabric storage/spare bedroom. lol  There's a twin bed against the other wall when one of my grandkids come over.  They usually sleep in the living room.  The containers are all marked by content, some have UFO's in them, some are quilts I'm working on and others have fabric in them.  The first picture is where all my tools are in various containers, and you can see where my threads are over the storage area.  I also have a box of threads that I use on going, and when I run out of one usually there's another on the wall.  Those are for sewing and for machine embroidery.  I'm lucky to have a Janome 9000 that's not pictured for embroidery.  It needs to go see the machine doctor for some adjustments.

My Sewing Area

This is the area where I do my quilting.  I have storage behind the frame/machine that I keep a lot of fabric and other supplies.  Ribbon, embroidery threads and as you can see on the book shelf, my Avon is stored in there too! lol  Every bit of space is utilitzed and originally I planned on having the wall at the end of the frame as my design wall, but as it turned out, there's just enough room for me to squeeze through to get to the other side.  I try to keep the fabric organized by colors and in the boxes aare 5 inch squares cut and ready to make a quilt when I get the bug or need to get one done for The Linus Project.

My Lone Sewing Machine Behind My Couch:)

As you can see my sewing machine sits on an old Tredle machine converted to a table behind my couch in the dinning room.   I have  no place in either room to set up my machine and for the longest time, I used the dinning room table.  Which meant it was always set up there lol, now at least we have the table back.  My DH likes to have me sewing where he is and I enjoy that too, so it works out well.  One of these days though I hope to have a cabinet built in under the window in the fabric/spare bedroom to sew at.  Maybe this summer some time.   Anyway, these are my sewing areas, not fancy but workable and I can actually find things most of the time. lol  I also have container boxes of fabrics in the closet shelves as well:)  I'm really anxious to get some good ideas from all of you that are participating.   Heaven knows there's room for improvement:)   Have a great week end!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Basket Collection

I didn't have any pink out today so I wanted to share some of my baskets from my collection.  I ran out of places to "sit" them, so I started putting some of my favorites on the wall.  The smaller one's  here are my very favorite.  The large one with the coins and beads on it is from around 1910.  In China Town they would antique the baskets , then put the coins, tassles and a glass ring in the center to make them look antique.  They would then go door to door and sell them to women as sewing baskets.  I thought that little tid bit was interesting.
Be sure you go by Beverly's How Sweet The Sound and check out some of the other blogs.  A huge THANK YOU to Beverly too for hosting Pink Saturday (I can' get the color to work on my post doggone it.)

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Pink Iced Tea Maker

(It does look red, but it's actually pink.)

Well ladies, my iced tea maker died (actually my hubby is the tea drinker in the house) so I went out to buy a new one and guess what I found???  This PINK iced tea maker. lol  So of course I had to have it for Bert.  He just got tickled at my choice. lol  This is a short post today, but be sure you go by Beverly's How Sweet The Sound and check out all the other blogs.  There are some really awesome one's to look at:)