Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Pink Saturday All

It's funny, I did my post for today on Wed. and put it on scheduled posting, but it's gone.  I must have hit a wrong key and didn't even know it. lol  duuuuh  I hope that doesn't mean it's going to be one of those days. lol

Thank you to Beverly at How Sweet The Sound for hosting Pink Saturday for us.  Be sure to swing by and check out Jesse at Moda Manana, one of our newest bloggers too.

Happy Halloween  to everyone too, we're having rain today, but it's supposed to clear by tomorrow.  I sure hope it does for all those young children all excited about Trick or Treating!

This is a set of cannisters that belonged to my mother, my siter tells me they are Bauer probably painted by the California Cleminsons, Betty and George (I believe).  My memory isn't that great so I wrote it down, but now I've misplaced my notebook. duuuh.  It IS one of those days. lol    I just love them though, they're so cheerful. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful Pink Saturday and safe week end.  God Bless and keep you all.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

My Fall Quilt

Happy Pink Saturday everyone!  Please be sure you stop by Beverly's How Sweet The Sound and check out all the other blogs too.  There are some awesome ones. Stop by and see Dee at Creative Crafting & No Sew Projects she's got some awesome videos and how to's to show you.

This is a picture of my "Fall Quilt" that I was so determined last year to make for myself.  I got it this far and fiinally got it on the frame the other day.

The churn dash in the block is actually a little oranger than it is the gold it shows in the photo.  I'm very happy with the way it's come out though.  I hope by this week end I'll have it quilted and then get the binding on it and use it! yaaaay!    lol   I've got to get busy on my grandson's black and white quilt.  He asked me for one earlier this year and I'm hoping to have it done for him by Christmas.  If not his 18th birthday is in March I'll have it for him then.    The goal is Christmas though.  I have a number of baby quilts to make for the Mozaic Church nursery.  I've lots of fabric for kids so they should come out pretty good, it's just a matter of finding the time to make them:)   Have a Happy Pink Saturday everyone and a Blessed week end.:)

Friday, October 22, 2010

Matthews Quilt

I'm finally getting started on Matthews quilt for Chirstmas.  It's a simple Disappearing 9 patch so it shouldn't take long.  It's in black and whites

He asked me for a black and white quilt so thought Christmas would be a good time to give it to him.   Of course if I don't get my tail in gear and get it done, he won't have it. lol  I have a number of other things get done too, so if this isn't finished I can give it to him for his birthday in March.  I would like to give it to him for Christmas though.  So gotta  get going:)  Have a great day everyone and God Bless!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Happy Pink Saturday

Happy Pink Saturday!!  This week I have these lovely Jade plants that my friend in the Bay Area gave me when we went to visit.  Jeanette has a plant that is probably 3 or more feet in diameter and  close to 4 feet tall .  It's magnificient.  So Jeff cut me off a bunch of pieces and I came home and planted them!  All of them are growing!  The big one has 4 large one's in it and then there's two to three in each of the smal pots, incluging new one's growing from the leaves that fell off.  I have a variegated Jade that's about 18 inches tall and I love it.  These are going to catch up in no time at all at the rate they're going!

Beverly thank you so much for hosting Pink Saturday, you are really and truly appreciated!  Be sure you stop by her How Sweet The Sound  Stop by to see Dee at SealahTapeblogspot she's new and has some wonderful trcks and ideas for creating with the Sealah Tap.

Have a wonderful week end everyone.  We're having a slightly overcast day in the low 80's and then by Tues down in the 70's .  No more 90 or higher days, Fall is finally here!   God Bless and Keep every one of you!

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Happy Pink Saturday ALL

You can see how big the luffa is getting. lol  This is still the one and only one on the vine. On one of 9 vines as a matter of fact!  A little disappointing, but one is better than none so I'm happy for the one.  I'm going to try and add this to my other pages, I'm trying something new on Blog.  Static Pages?  Do you know what those are?  Well, I'm hoping to learn to day.  So I'm adding this to my Luffa posts.  I have some awesome news to share but want to be able to get it all in and it will take more than one post.:)  I haven't gotten things figured out and it wouldn't work with my PS post anyway. lol duuuh

Thank you Beverly for hosting Pink Saturday , be sure and go by How Sweet The Sound and see all the new posts this week!  So many beautiful things people are making and sharing.

Go by and see Buttons for Baga, she's new and has the cutest post with a pink car!  Also some knitting bags that are just awesome.    Have a wonderful week end everyone!

Oh yes, and go by Gails, Decorating My Tin Shack she is having a birthday giveaway!  Some Lovely jars she deccpauged and some wonderful soap she made.  It's awesome. Happy Birthday Gail!

Happy Pink Saturday everryone.  Have a wonderful week end and b safe:)

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Classic Movie Monster Giveaway with At Home With Elaine

HoNot your usual giveaway but something more in the spirit of Halloween with our favorite monsters from the past. Just in time for those who like suspense, to scream or hide behind their hands.

At Home With Elaine is having a Movie Monstor Giveaway, go by and check it out:)

I'm looking for a few more followers so I'm offering to a lucky person six of these wonderful classic movie cards that are 5x7 and was issued by the United States Postal Service. The cards are brand new. Halloween is the perfect time to offer them.. These would be great for a scary movie buff or a stamp collector. In the offering is Boris Karloff as Frankenstein--Lon Chaney, Jr as Wolf man..Bela Lugosi as Dracula..Boris Karloff as The Mummy and Lon Chaney from Phantom of the Opera plus a collage card of them. If you want a treat there may just be one in the offering also.

To win the rules are simple.

#1 leave a comment

#2 be a follower and

#3 post this giveaway on your site to let others know about it.

Friday, October 01, 2010

Happy Pink Saturday!

HAPPY PINK SATURDAY!!  Be sure to go by Beverly's at How Sweet The Sound and check out all the other blogs.  I know we're doing pink this month for Breast Cancer  but I'm doing Teal this month for Ovarian Cancer for my dear friend who's a survivor.   Today's post is below entitled "Jesus Christ Our Lord".  My husband Bert and I accepted Christ into our hearts in church last week and I wanted to share a little of that experience.  Have a wonderful week end everyone!