Friday, June 29, 2007

Went to Dinner

Tuesday night my son Ted and DIL Wendy came up from the Bay Area and took us to dinner. Wendy & I had steak and lobster and wow was it ever good!!! (Could it be because it's my favorite?:)) We had a good dinner, lots of laughter and the company was just wonderful!

Sonja's Quilt/Taz Likes it:)

My sister and BIL were over for the day Wed. and we had a great time! Sonja is going to start CQ'ing and so we had fun going through all the fabrics, charms, laces, motifs, etc. She made this quilt and it's just beautiful! Each tiny piece is about 3/4 of an inch by 1 & 3/4 of an inch!! The work and time in it is overwhelming:) I turned around to sit the camera down and no sooner than I did Taz was on top of the quilt!! He likes it too:)

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Matthew & his Electric Ukulele

This Matthew, my 14 year old grandson:) In woodshop this year he decided instead of making what everyone else was, he made an electric Ukulele! It came out beautiful and he's so very proud as he got an A+ in the class:) (Grandma's not proud! lol) The shop teacher was quite surprised as no one has ever requested to make anything along those lines. Only the simpler (more realistic it woud seem) items. Now he's looking forward to taking lessons and learn how to play it.:) This time it let me! lol Ya gotta love Blogger, keeps you on your toes.:-)

Hand Dyed

I decided to make an attempt at Hand Dying last night and had a great time doing it. Messy! But fun:) Not to mention I have the most gorgeous shade of red fingers surrounding my "au natural nails" lol. (In my excitement I forgot to put my gloves on when I first started.:) ) The last three are the basic colors the second two are all three colors combined, and the last one is where I scunched up the fabric, put it in a containter and just poured the dye in to cover it. I wanted to see what the outcome was. Not much dfference. I've got a lot to learn! lol

Friday, June 22, 2007

Organizing 1

These are my moveable bins that go everywhere I go in this house! lol The wall photo is covered with flannel and holds blocks from some of the quilts I've done and some I'm working on.:)
OK now it's my turn to TAG someone else to show their sewing room:) I'll be back to do that.
The second photo is my closet converted to shelves:)

The one photo is all my threads (the whole top rack fell off the wall today with my head conveniently in the way!..)

The first pic is the other end of the shelves that hold most of my fabrics and quilts I'm working on. The rack holds my beads, motifs, some of my lace etc.


Well it would seem blogger won't let me add any more pic's right now so I'll have to try and do it later today. I shall return:)

My dear Friend Thelma Tagged Me to Show My Sewing Room

Thelma Bradshaw tagged me to show pictures of my sewing room. So here goes. I have a whole lot crammed into a small space and my actual sewing is done on my dinning room table.
That is my cutting and ironing (for large pieces) table. Well it's not letting me put in the pics and then telling what they are before going on to the next. So guess I'll just load them all. lol

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Project Linus

Project Linus is a volunteer organization I belong to. I've had a few requests for an explanation of what Project Linus is, so I asked Claire Gliddon the co-ordinator for our area if she could write out a synopsis of what we do. (I tend to be sooooooo long winded:) ) Here's the note I got back from Claire.
Project Linus is a nationwide, non-profit organization, looking for people who enjoy sewing, quilting, crocheting or knitting to make blankets for children in need. That means children in hospitals, foster care, homeless or just going through a difficult time. There are no quotas, no meetings, no deadlines - we just want you to have fun doing what you enjoy most and helping your community of little people at the same time! The only requirement is that the blankets be made of washable materials. Please contact your local chapter by logging on to and clicking on your state on the US Map shown. That will bring up all the chapters in your state and the contact information. Also note that this is a great project for teens to do their community service (for school, 4H, Girl Scouts, churches) by making no-sew fleece blankets This is fun for ALL ages and really means a lot!
Thank you Claire, I really appreciate your help. Anyone interested, it really is a GREAT group. Some of the ladies meet and quilt together and have a wonderful time doing something that is so beneficial to the community. Sometimes, making only one quilt per year is all we can do, and believe me THAT is appreciated. As Claire said there are no quotas and absolutely no pressure:)

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I'm on a roll here guys:)

My block (2nd block that is) "NEMO" for the Fairytale RR is ready to be sent to Gerry!! Yippee! I'm on a roll! Now, if I can just get that same momentum going in getting sewing room organized I'd be tickled pink!lol

Thursday, June 07, 2007

SOH Heart for Wilma

Woohoo I'm back in the game! lol Wilma's heart will go out to her this week end and I think I'm caught up. whooppeee! Although I do have to remake my Nemo Block for the Fairytale RR. Sadly it's gone to that nowhere land the postal services know of, but won't tell us. lol It could show up down the road you never know, but it's easier to make another one and all those gals that have worked on it all ready are happy to do it again. What can I say?? There's no way I can get upset when there's wonderful people like that in my life with this RR.:)

Monday, June 04, 2007

JoAnn's Heart

This is JoAnn Undlins heart for the Sharing of Hearts. It should have gone out in the mail two weeks ago, but like everything seems to be running, it's late. Sorry JoAnn, but it's headed out to you in the morning. Hope you like it:)