Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Barbara loved her quilt

We had Christmas Day at my broher Frank's house again this year. I'd been working on this quilt for my dear friend Barbara for so long and had been devastated when it came back from the machine quilter's with a bad outcome. I did what I could to repair it and by the time the binding was on the front was fine but the back had some bad pleats and puckers in it. :( (I was beyond words it was so upsetting) Anyway, Barbara loved it anyway. I gave it to her with the story and told her I was going to make her another one. She wouldn't hear of it. She called me last night when she was home in bed WITH the quilt on her bed cuddled under it:)
There's as good a picture as we could get on my QuiltsnThings We had a GREAT day with the family that was there.

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Karrin Hurd said...

Your points look great Candi! It looks beautiful in spite of its problems.