Saturday, July 11, 2009

Finished Quilts

I finally got my machine working again and I'm elated! The first two (I should say the second two, the way the pic's posted.) quilts are for AmHero's and the third one is my neighbor Sonja Muenger with her Christmas Present in July! lol My machine went bonkers the first of Dec. so I never got it quilted, so finally getting the machine back in working condition after all this time I was able to finish it. She knew she had something coming, just didn't know what it was:) So we took it over to her the other day and she was very happy with it. I was very happy to have it done and able to give it to her! lol

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Valerie said...


This quilt is lovely. I have never really known how to sew and my feeble attempts to teach myself leave me all crazy. How lucky to be able to create such beauty with your hands.

Hope that you had a great Valentine's Day.

Your Pink Saturday friend,