Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Wow Christmas Is Near

Wow, Christmas is less than a month away and I am trying to figure out where the time has gone! In a little over two weeks, my brother Frank, sister Loretta, daughtere Jo and friend Dianna are leaving for New York for a week. (We leave the 14th and return on the 21st!) That means I have to be sure everything is ready for Christmas before we leave. I have baking to do and freeze, quilts to quilt and a couple of gifts to buy yet. Then I'll be done. I can shop for groceries when I get back, there will plenty of time for that. Anyway, I'll try and stay on top of this a little better. I've had some kind of bug for almost four weeks now and it's just knocked me for a loop, so I'm way behind in what I wanted to have accomplished before we leave. Oh well, I guess if it gets done it does, if not it won't. lol Have a wonderful week.


Thelma said...

Sure hope you get to feeling lots better, and hope you have a great trip!

Moira said...

Hope you get to feeling better soon! Enjoy the trip. =)