Saturday, June 12, 2010

Basket Collection

I didn't have any pink out today so I wanted to share some of my baskets from my collection.  I ran out of places to "sit" them, so I started putting some of my favorites on the wall.  The smaller one's  here are my very favorite.  The large one with the coins and beads on it is from around 1910.  In China Town they would antique the baskets , then put the coins, tassles and a glass ring in the center to make them look antique.  They would then go door to door and sell them to women as sewing baskets.  I thought that little tid bit was interesting.
Be sure you go by Beverly's How Sweet The Sound and check out some of the other blogs.  A huge THANK YOU to Beverly too for hosting Pink Saturday (I can' get the color to work on my post doggone it.)

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