Monday, December 13, 2010


Whoooo hooooo my Luffa has matured and even though I only got the one, it turned out great.   I cut a small piece off when I was getting the seeds out because I couldn't reach the bottom with the spoon.   You're supposed to do it outside and use the high pressure of the hose to get the seeds out but since it was so cold and getting ready to rain, I decided the spoon and sink were my second best choice! lol

Well, I can only get blogger to take the one photo, so I'll post the other two later.  The big one is about 6 inches long and small one about 3 or so inches that I cut off the larger one.   whooo hoooo lol


Anonymous said...

I often wondered how they became seedless!
Thanks for visiting my blog.....and seeing you've got a Janome, try using the BLANKET STITCH for edging a postcard.....or even use a wavy edge rotary cutter and then just a straight stitch to hold layers together.

Moira said...

Woohoo! Enjoy using it. =)

Linda M. said...

Looks just like nice fresh luffa. lol I memtioned your luffa growing to my hubby and guess what? He mail ordered a bag of Luffa seeds for me. I guess I'll be giving this a try in the spring.

Marydon said...

Congrats, Candi! You've waited patiently for this beauty.

Christmas hugs & wishes ~
TTFN ~ Marydon