Wednesday, May 16, 2007


It sure seems like my posts are getting further and further apart lately. I've spent the last week or so down flat on my back for the most part. I thought I was superwoman and could lift some stuff out of the car that turned out to be heavier than I thought. So no more lifting for me! Thought I was real smart yesterday too. NOT! Our two fur babies decided to get into a tussle over a tennis ball so I was real smart and reached down to get the ball. Bad move....Taz took a bite out of my wrist in the chaos so I've been soaking and dressing a pretty mean bite on my wrist! Fortunaley the bite is pretty superficial so dressing and soaking has been the fun I've had yesterday and today. The bruises smart and believe me that's the last time I underestimate the strength of a mini-dachsund! I'm on the mend from that so hopefully I've had my share for a while to come.
I'll be posting a picture of Leona's Fairtale RR block. I was able to finish it and will get it in the mail to Gerry tomorrow.
Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the spring weather. Those in the midwest my prayers are with you during this part of the year.


Thelma said...

So glad you are back. I have been wondering what was going on. No more lifting heavy things, ok. (g) And no more getting in between fur baby scraps. Glad you are feeling better.

Charlene said...

Oh, no. You know it isn't always the weight that gets 'one of those' backs out of whack. The last time mine flaired up was from lifting a pot out of the oven. I think it can be an angle/movement thing as well. As for the teeth of a mini - well those baby teeth are sharp as a needle! Hope you're feeling 100% soon.

Love that apple tree!!