Thursday, August 23, 2007

Project Linus Quilt & Jeanne's Needlecase

Well, I've gotten a couple of things accomplished the last few days. I got the latest quilt completed for the Project Linus (now to get it delivered) and finished Jeanne's needlecase. Sometimes getting things done are few and far between so it always feels good to get there:)


Susan said...
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Susan said...

Oh, duh, I put the comment for Pam on your spot!

Your comment should say that is a gorgeous little needlebook, and I love the purple butterfly. You dyed it?

The quilt looks great from here. And it's finished!

Gail said...

Candi, the needle case is so pretty, love the greens and purples.

Some little girl is going to be so happy to get such a pretty pink quilt. Nicely done.

Charlene said...

You may think you don't get a lot done, but when you DO it is fantastic! Love the needle case, and the quilt is very nice, too!

Gabriele said...

The needle case is just too cute and the pink quilt will make a little girl very happy!