Thursday, January 17, 2008

I got RAOK'd today!!

When the postman came today what a surprise when this huge package was there. I had been RAOK'd by Jakkie! RAOK is a Random Act Of Kindness that a person just sends to another for no reason. Just exactly as it says, RAOK! There are beautiful fabrics, beads, motif's trims, theads even needles! Thank you Jakkie and you can be sure I will "Pay It Forward".


Melissa said...

WOWIE!!! Candi that is a really awesome RAOK! I even see tatting in that bag of lace!!!

Susan said...

Oh, I love the lace baggie! You have some wonderful things from this RAOK!

Karrin Hurd said...

Wow, looks like a wonderful box to have received!

JK said...

Hi Candi, how are you darlin? Long time no see huh?

WOW! Seems you have been blessed with a stash load of beautiful things. Don't you just love getting goodies?

The Anything Goes RR looks like it was a lot of fun, and that block was so pretty!

Since we remodeled my studio area, it is so much easier to keep it organized except when I am working on something, and looks like a major earthquake hit. :0 )

Louisiana Momma said...

what a blessed and DESERVING lady you are!! you deserve to receive the generosity that you send out in the world.. i am still savoring all those fancy threads you sent me.. I guess i am kinda stingy with using them :-) LOL

Gerry said...

WOW! I'm with Sharon....that lace ROCKS! Jakkie is obviously a very caring and generous person who thinks a lot of you :-)

Enjoy you goodies. You are deserving of the act of kindness!

PS. Good for you on the smoking.