Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Wooohoo Day 7

Yippee yahooo Today is Day 7 on our quit smoking calendar! It's easier than the first few days but boy this is really a challange! They say it takes 72 hours to get it out of your system, but that doesn't mean your body goes back to normal. I'm still edgy, plus Bert and I avoid anything that we may have a conflict over! lol Does that tell you anything! lol We're going to make it though, I know that. It's time:)


coral-seas said...

Well done, Candi and Hubby too. Every day is easier from now on.

I'm still routing for you. YOU CAN DO IT. I know you can.


JK said...

WONDERFUL!!! Good for you hon! Hubby quit over seven months ago and though it was a tough ride...he did it!

Thanks darlin for visiting my blog and your kind words...Wait till you see the sword charm! :0 Dang thing could be used as a weapon! I will have to keep a close eye on the Captain after that.

Kate said...

Congrats! Keep up the great work. :)

Charlene said...