Saturday, May 22, 2010

Where Has The Week Gone!!!

Wow where has this week gone???!!!  I woke up this morning and couldn't even remember (for a minute) what day it was! lol  I'm late getting this up, but before I do, please go by How Sweet The Sound to see all the other blogs you can visit.  Some absolutely wonderful blogs at that.  Beverly works so hard to keep this up and thank you for all your hard work.

These are one pot of my Amaryllis.  The bulbes in this pot are only a few years old, but the bubs in my second pot are about 30 years old!  If not older!  The flowers on that one are huge and when they open I'll show you.   This year I'm going to seperate the bulbs and put them in more pots.

The pot that hasn't opened up yet first belonged to my sister, then she gave it to our mother after about 12 years, then when Mom passed away I got the pot.  I have no idea how long Mom had it, but I've had it for about 9 years now and every year I sooo look forward to them blooming.  It means spring is really here and we're going into Summer before long.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Pink Saturday!!!


Rebecca @ Belle Blog said...

Happy Pink Saturday and have a lovely pink week!

Fifi Flowers said...

Beautiful flowers!

Gail said...

Oh so pretty......that is something that the bulbs are so old, what a treasure.