Monday, July 16, 2007

Wow! What A Day For Surprises!!!

Talk about a day of surprises!!! This month our Secret Sis group comes to a close and we reveal ourselves. I received the most beautiful pincushion from Kathy Henry, my Secret Sis!!! The top photo is the front of the it, the second one is the bottom (JUST as pretty as the top!:) ) What a delightful lady she is! A wonderful sense of humor, very very talented in so many areas, and sure did know what I liked! Thank you Kathy.
Then my dear dear friend Barbara Rio knew I was going to be doing a visual journal for my Sumptuous Surfaces class and she got me a Sketch Kit! It has everything in it a body could possibly need to learn to sketch! Thanks Barb it's awesome!
THEN, the postman brought me a package from Thelma Bradshaw full of threads and beads for the SS class we're taking! You're so generous Thelma, thank you!!
So it's been quite a day for!


Sequana said...

Did she say where she got that great looking sketch kit? I've done a search for it and can't find anything resembling that one.
I can see the brand in the pic, but it won't come up online anywhere.

Candi said...

Sequana, I have no idea where she got the sketch kit, but I'll ask her and post it for you. It's really a nice "starter" kit. I just love it:)

Charlene said...

Aren't these surprise packages just THE best? I'm looking forward to hearing more about this class!

Susan said...

What wonderful packages. I love that pincushion. The bottom really is as pretty as the top!

Carol said...

What a lovely sketch kit just the thing for this class. I am looking forward to seeing your sketches.

Gail said...

The pincushion is so pretty, I though you had two different ones. Enjoy the class, I look forward to seeing what you do.