Saturday, July 07, 2007

Wowee Delivery Days!!!

Wow! Yesterday and today my orders have come in and it feels a lot like Christmas! These are the Rachelette's, Stef Francis Silk, and the Stef Francis Sparkle Chainette, Viscose and Rayon from Carolyn Cibik of Evening Star Designs I absolutely love all the goodies she carries. Thank you Carolyne they're going to be used on my Treasures Club blocks:)


Susan said...

Gosh, those are cool threads! I always wondered what the sparklette stuff was. Let me know how it is for stitching. I still don't have anything metallic that I'm crazy about using.

JK said...

Don't you just love those threads! Another nice thread is the Waterflower from Evening Star. It is a cotton perle and just a dream to work, and the colors are scrumptious. Have fun with your "treasures".