Sunday, February 03, 2008

Karrin's Vest

Another RR group I'm in I've been working on Karrin Hurd's vest that she sent around. It's a gorgeous vest so I've been trying to do things that will compliment the work she's done. These pic's are what I've done so far. I think the vest is going to be beautiful when it's done and since Karrin just "happens" to live about three blocks from me (what a trip that was to find out!! so I may just hang out by her mailbox when it's sent home to her! lol


Karrin Hurd said...

I love the beautiful work you have done Candi!

Susan said...

That's really pretty. I'm going to be hard pressed to do something nearly as lovely!

Melissa said...

Oh I just love that heart Candi! I also loved that seam treatment with the bead filled lazy daisies!

Gerry said...

This is really pretty, Candi. Thanks for stopping by my blog to look around.

You've been quiet. I miss you!

Elizabeth Braun said...

Hi there! Found your blog from a link on Pierette's. You have some lovely work here and you might enjoy mine too.=)

You might also like to join my bew webring for 'Fine Embroidery'. CQ contains a lot of surface work and so I'm happy to have CQ-ers join up. Link etc is on my blog.


Elizabeth Braun said...

Hi Candi!

Thanks a lot for your message. I'll delete it from the blog so that you don't get unwanted e-mail from it.=)

The link to the ring is on the blog - you just click on the 'join' bit under the ring logo, but this is the page it takes you to:;action=addform

Hope that works OK, and will be glad to have you on team. That'll bring us to 6 within the ring's first 20 hours!!!

Trans-Atlantic stitchy greetings,


Elizabeth Braun said...


Sorry no, I can't send you the HTML as the ring site generates difference code for each site and I would only be able to send mine!!! I can see you're on other rings and the join up procedure is the same:

1. Either go direct to the URL I put in my last comment or click on the 'Join' part of the logo on my blog.
2. Fill in the short web form you find there and click the 'Add Site...' bar at the bottom.
3. On the next page you will be given the logo with your site ID stuff on. Copy that by highlighting the whole thing and using Ctrl-C.
4. In a new browser window, go to the Blogger Dashboard page and select the 'Layout' section of the correct blog. Add the HTML you've copied to the page element that contains your other webring details.

That should do it just fine.=) You probably know quite a bit of the above already and it gives you all the instructions you need on the Ringsurf site, but I made it quite complete just in case it's been a long time....=) When you've done all this, Ringsurf will send me an e-mail saying you've applied to join and I can then manually approve the submission and you're fully 'in'! At the mo, there's nothing from them so it doesn't look like you've joined on the Ringsurf site.

Good hunting!=)

Courtney Short said...

those are some awesome treatments you did there.. the heart with the ribbons is esquisite really.. I will have to put that one down in my memory bank :-)