Saturday, August 14, 2010

Black and White Quilt for Grandson

Below are the pictures of the ffabric's I have for a black and white, quilt for my grandson.  He's been asking for one for quite some time now.  I thought this is a good time to start one and maybe get it finished for Christmas.  I'm going to do the Disappearing  9 Patch and use the white on black as the center square.  I think that will look pretty good.  I'll do a couple of blocks first and see how it goes.

These are the one's I have so far.  I do have few fat quarters that I might throw in there.  Gail suggested I throw in some teals, touquise maybe and something else to offset it.  My grandson was adament about it being black and white though.  Maybe a little red where you cut the center square into quarters??? What do you think.  I'm open for suggestions.  Thanks for any input!  Have a great week everyone.

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Gail said...

Love the B&Ws can't wait to see the quilt.