Saturday, August 28, 2010

My Guardian Angel Here On Earth

I'm here to tell you about a very dear friend of mine.   We'll call her Victoria.  Ovarion Cancer struck her two years ago.  That wasn't bad enough, after a complete hysterectomy her stay in the hospital was extended to almost a year and a half.  She had heart complications on four occasions due to reaction to med's.  She had four or five severe infections brought on by bacteria she contracted in the hospital., not to mention all the complications brought on from all of that.  Victoria also had four blood clots that had to be treated that were life threatening.  Since she has been home, she's been back to the hospital several times with various complications, and on top of that, she's on her second round of chemo therapy.

She has good reports right now and two more treatments left.  The thing that has absolutely amazed me, is that at her worst time, she managed to keep a positive outlook.  She has been as much a support to her friends as they have been to her. 

When we talked the other night, I told her I had to go in for a biopsy after something showed up on my Sonogram.  She said to me,  "I know I can tell you don't be scared, but you will be, I know I can tell you not to worry but you will, but what I CAN tell you is look at me.  I'm still alive:)"  That was the most supportive thing I've  been told.  I've had friends say it's nothing, and those that have been very supportive.  I know it's probably a minor thing and at this point I'm not reeally too worried about it.  I'll save that for after the biopsy:) 

Victoria has always been there beside me through thick and thin for almost 60 years.  We've been together since grammar school, divorce and up to now.  I have to tell you, she's been my Guardian Angel here on earth.  There no matter what, and GUESS WHAT?  She has hair again:)


Thelma said...

I hope everything goes good on your test results Candi! I went through that myself and you can't help but worry. Mine turned out to be a benign tumor and I pray that you will have the same results my friend.
I had to get a biopsy and all but it came back good.

Gerry said...

You are lucky to have a friend like Victoria. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. keep your chin up, girl! Best of luck to you.

Jeanne said...

Candi, you know that I keep you in my prayers and thoughts . Best luck , bonne chance !
Victoria is really a wonderful friend !

That shabby Pink Girl said...

You are in my Prayers and I hope your test results are Perfect.

Blessing to you and your Friend.

marian elizabeth

Gail said...

Happy Pink Saturday, GF. Beautiful post, what a special blessing to have a life long friend. Not something most of us have.

Whidbey Woman said...

:) I am smiling all across cyberspace. My husband has advanced Colon Cancer.. mets to both lungs. Its been 5 years since his diagnose and he is still here! He has a positive attitude, too. After all he has been through, I know it is a God-thing. You are blessed to have such a friend in your life... she sounds like such an inspiration. Thanks for joining the Miracle Party this weekend. May God bless you richly!

Charlotte said...

That is the very best kind of friend to have. Thank you for sharing this heart-rending yet heart warming post. I'm praying you will receive a good report. I'm glad you chose to link to Spiritual Sundays.

Virginia said...

May God send showers of Blessing to you and your Friend.