Thursday, September 30, 2010

Jesus Christ Our Lord

I really would like to share an incredible thing that happened this past Saturday evening at Church.  We were all in prayer with our eyes closed and head down when the pastor asked those that would like to ask Jesus Christ  into their hearts to please put thei hand up and open their eyes.  Pastor was commenting on how happy he was and after a couple of minutes I put my head back down in prayer.  In another minute or so he was saying he excited he was about the gentleman that had raised his hand and all of a sudden he asked "are you two married?"  I raised my head and there was my husband Bert with his head up and his hand in the air as well.  I looked at him and then at Pastor Frank and back again.  I was smileing froom ear to ear.  Neither of us knew the other was going to do this, and the Pastor saw that it was quite obvious.  So unknown to one another we both accepted Jesus Christ into our hearts on Saturday night and it waas absolutely wonderful!  What a wonderful surprise for both of us. 


Melissa said...

OH MY GOODNESS I'm so happy for you!!! It thrilled my heart to read about this Candi I'm so excited for you! God has been doing amazing things in my own life lately and I can truly say with all my heart that there's no better thing and no other way than to follow Jesus everyday!
Big Hugs from Your Sister In Christ!!!

luluslovlies said...

What a blessing, I bet God was smiling as he had 2 for 1, Hugs, and Blessings

Moira said...

What a blessing to read this! And how fun to think even if I don't get to meet you in person here on earth we'll meet in heaven one day. =)

Carol Lindberg said...

Oh, what a blessing for you to share this with all. That is what Jesus wants us to do as we KNOW what we KNOW and He is real! Study your Bible every chance you get. The words will come alive to you like they never have before. Enjoy your new lovelife with the Lord and all of us too!

Carol Lindberg