Saturday, June 16, 2007

Project Linus

Project Linus is a volunteer organization I belong to. I've had a few requests for an explanation of what Project Linus is, so I asked Claire Gliddon the co-ordinator for our area if she could write out a synopsis of what we do. (I tend to be sooooooo long winded:) ) Here's the note I got back from Claire.
Project Linus is a nationwide, non-profit organization, looking for people who enjoy sewing, quilting, crocheting or knitting to make blankets for children in need. That means children in hospitals, foster care, homeless or just going through a difficult time. There are no quotas, no meetings, no deadlines - we just want you to have fun doing what you enjoy most and helping your community of little people at the same time! The only requirement is that the blankets be made of washable materials. Please contact your local chapter by logging on to and clicking on your state on the US Map shown. That will bring up all the chapters in your state and the contact information. Also note that this is a great project for teens to do their community service (for school, 4H, Girl Scouts, churches) by making no-sew fleece blankets This is fun for ALL ages and really means a lot!
Thank you Claire, I really appreciate your help. Anyone interested, it really is a GREAT group. Some of the ladies meet and quilt together and have a wonderful time doing something that is so beneficial to the community. Sometimes, making only one quilt per year is all we can do, and believe me THAT is appreciated. As Claire said there are no quotas and absolutely no pressure:)


Charlene said...

Great project and pretty, too. Love the colorful zebra - of is that a horse of a different color?

Susan said...

Cute little quilts. I did these before I got involved with American Heroes. I'll get to go back to it someday, too. =)

Thelma said...

I think that zebra quilt is so cute.

JK said...

I love, love that Zebra. What a wonderful thing you have done darlin! Bless you for your time and thought that went into these!