Sunday, June 24, 2007

Matthew & his Electric Ukulele

This Matthew, my 14 year old grandson:) In woodshop this year he decided instead of making what everyone else was, he made an electric Ukulele! It came out beautiful and he's so very proud as he got an A+ in the class:) (Grandma's not proud! lol) The shop teacher was quite surprised as no one has ever requested to make anything along those lines. Only the simpler (more realistic it woud seem) items. Now he's looking forward to taking lessons and learn how to play it.:) This time it let me! lol Ya gotta love Blogger, keeps you on your toes.:-)


Franie said...

I am very impressed. This guy has talent with his hands! I always enjoy hearing about stuff like this that the young adults are doing besides playing in front of a play station. Nice handsome young man! Grandma should be proud!

June said...

That's terrific, Candi.
He'll probably turn out to be a wonderfull musician. It's great to see the younger people showing some imagination. Tell him congradulations.

Thelma said...

That is so cool!! He deserves that A+ It looks fantastic.